Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is situated at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4000m above sea level.Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic view, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum River, flourishing green forests, streams, high altitude lakes and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true. The area is also ideal for mountain tourism. A part of Nanga Parbat Massif falls in this area which is dominated by “Sarwaali Peak” (6326 meters) the high mountain in Azad Kashmir. Moreover like Kaghan Valley it is famous for fishing and angling activities in Neelum River and Jagran Nullah which are stocked with trout fish. A fair weather road opens the valley to tourists up to Kel, 165 kilometers from Muzaffarabad.The Neelum Valley is famous for honeymoon tour in Pakistan, where breathtaking views, immense mountains and natural beauty are found everywhere. The Neelum Valley is one of the most attractive places in the tourist community. The Neelum Valley is located in the 200 km arched area of Azad Kashmir.The Neelum Valley is famous for Lush green Meadows, Dense Forests, Delightful Weather, and Fresh Enchanting Waters. Not to forget the gorgeous mountains that form a backdrop to the greenery. The best time to book your Neelum Valley Tour is from April to September. It snows heavily in winters, so the connecting roads are blocked due to snowfall, a routine in winters. The tour to Neelum valley starts from Islamabad, with a drive through on Murree Expressway towards Muzaffarabad.

Keran Valley, Neelum Vally

Keran Valley is Situated on the bank of the enchanting Upper River Neelum, adjacent to the Karen Valley in Kashmir India, this place captivates tourists with scenic views, breathtaking mountainous visions, and a small bazaar for entertainment. Just like the Neelum Valley map provides millions of stunning views across the region, Keran is a location to visit during the travel to the Upper parts of Pakistan.Keran village is a beautiful valley in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir and is located at an altitude of 1525 m (5000 ft) from sea level. Administratively It is located in Tehsil Athmuqam, of District Neelum, which is the largest district in Azad Kashmir by its area. It is a famous tourist hub due to its location as it is in the middle of the Neelum Valley, and about the whole valley is easily accessible from Keran village, so people can easily visit places in Neelum valley. Keran is located on the banks of the river Neelum of Azad Kashmir on both sides, Indian Occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir. The speedy waves of the Neelum river play a natural role as LOC between the valleys of Keran between both countries, as it is known as the Keran valley in Indian Occupied Kashmir too.

Ratti Gali Lake, Neelum Valley

Ratti Gali Lake is an alpine glacial lake which is located in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan . The lake is located at an altitude of 3,683 metres (12,083 ft). The lake is fed by the surrounding glacier waters of the mountains.Ratti Gali Lake is a glacial lake in Neelum valley. This Lake is like a small heaven on earth. Ratti Gali Lake is the latest addition to the beautiful lakes of Pakistan. Dowarian is a small town in Neelum valley. From Dowarian you can easily reach to the Ratti Gali Lake.There are many guest houses and hotels at Dowarian. Local people called this lake “Dowarian Lake”. The best time to visit Lake is between May and August. Ratti Gali Lake is famous for its base camp. You can enjoy camping in Ratti Gali. The glacial lake is located at approximately 12000 feet in Neelum Valley.Lake is surrounded by green grazing mountains, flora plants, red and pinkish flowers. The water of the lake is cold and you feel so calm and restful.

Sharda Lake, Neelum Valley

Sharda Neelum Valley is located at a distance of 30 km from Dowarian village. Sharda is a very captivating and attractive place for tourists. In Sharda, many old ruins are still present. Sharda is a good place for researchers and archaeology who are interested in history. Many guesthouses are in Sharda Neelum Valley for tourists.A beautiful bridge in Sharda is known as “Sharda Bridge”. Sharda Bazar has many shops for tourists and travelers. There are many hotels and resorts in Sharda Neelum Valley like Shangrila Sharda Resort, Kashmir Lodges Sharda, Pak River Guest House Sharda, and Waadi Resort Sharda Neelum Valley.It is the best tourist spot where you can relieve in a peaceful place and enjoy the balmy weather. Sharda Peeth is a temple and it is located in the PoK’s Sharda village in the Neelum valley. Sharda is an amazing place with green planes and water stream.

Arang Kel, Neelum valley

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