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YASHROON INTERNATIONAL SERVICES(PVT)LIMITED working in the Study abroad/ Christian Pilgrimages of Holy Places from many years for the nation especially for the Minorities and registered Student / Pilgrim visa consultancy firm in SECP, FBR in 2021.Yashroon International is a best leading international standard and recognized Study Abroad -Overseas Education- visa guidance Consultants in Pakistan. We facilitate student's recruitment from Pakistan to top educational institutions across the globe, most of top Catholic universities with scholarship for the minorities and helping them to get brighter future. We offer professional advice and guidance to students wishing to study overseas and fastest services to our clients with our best services to become respectable human and good citizen of the country. In Christian Pilgrimages we are helping and consultancy the Christians people to visit Holy Places (Jordan,Turkey,Vatican City Rome Italy, Fatima Portugal, Lourdes France) all over the World.YASHROON Internation Travel & Tours is the part of(YIS) and serving under the Management of YASHROON INTERNATIONAL SERVICES(PVT)LIMITED and got the Travel agancy Licence from govt. of Punjab Pakistan DTS#10615.

Pilgrimage, travel to a holy place or for a holy purpose, has a long history in the Church, though it is never identified as a religious practice or priority in the scriptures. Pilgrimage became part of the Catholic tradition in the fourth century, when Christians wanted to travel to the places that were part of Jesus’ life, or to the graves of the martyrs and Saints Peter and Paul.5 Pilgrimage is not universally practiced by Catholic Christians, but it is fair to say that across the tradition it has an important place for many Catholics. A few pilgrimage trails, most notably Europe’s medieval Camino de Santiago, have been reconstituted in recent decades and become popular with Christians and non-Christians alike.


Our Mission to enable students to achieve their dreams and reach their potential in whatever they aim to do or to achieve the goals in life.We promote ethical practices and the development of social awareness and responsibility in all of our students especially Christians in Pakistan.We provide reliable professional guidance and educational information to students in order to empower them to build their international career.


Yashroon Travel has a strong relationship with tourism companies. This is why we can provide the highest quality services.Our company focuses on helping others find and plan their dream vacation, at an affordable rate.we are offering complete travel solution like e-ticketing, Hotel Reservation, tours, Air International Travel Services, dealing in Hotels & accomodation Reservations, Tour Planners,Passports and visa services, including photos and visa application forms for all the Embassies in Pakistan.

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